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Prepare to Stop

Margin, space, rest, recharge, selah, retreat, regroup, pause.....these are all words that are becoming hot topics and something I find more and more people want to (or get to point where they have to!) explore and make part of the way they structure their world.

And rightly so.....we were designed for ebb and flow not all go, go, go.

If we want to be people who can continue to live life to the full and be on purpose ten, twenty, thirty, fifty years from now we have to consider what pause looks like for us individually. 

As I was pondering this blog this week, I drove past a road sign that read “Prepare to Stop” with orange lights flashing underneath. It got me thinking - creating space to recharge, whatever that may look like for each one of us takes intentionality and it is something we have to prepare for.

We need to prepare to stop.

It’s not going to necessarily come naturally or always be a top of mind priority. But it’s something our body, soul and spirit desperately need.

So for this week’s questions....

Do you know how you recharge? 

(Hint: what types of healthy activities in your day/week help you to destress and refuel. Examples: walking the beach, reading, sleep, time with a trusted friend, prayer, meditation, time alone, hiking a mountain, mindfulness, breathing exercises, working out, swimming....) 

How intentional are you about building time into your day/week for these activities?

Why not take some time out in the coming week to consider how you can prepare to me you’ll be thankful you did.

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