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How hilarious that there has not been a day this week I haven’t been a part of a conversation about toilet paper, hand sanitizer or tissues and their scarcity at the shops at the moment.

The humble toilet roll has become a hot topic!

Well, I had a thought today - what an opportunity for us to share the a roll, help out with a box of tissues, check in on the elderly, a neighbour or two....what a chance to BE love in action.

So today’s blog is short and sweet - let’s share and care. Let’s be the one who offers to share what we have and let’s reach out and care for those who might be facing real challenge or fear right now. Good news everyone - love wins! Community is powerful!

Time for a new conversation - How can I help you? Are you ok? Is there anything I can get you? These sound like a great place to start.....#shareandcare

Talk soon,


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