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Sleep Matters

Not long now until the end of the school term and school holidays! I have noticed lately that our children are tired and I have been working hard to get them into bed just that little bit earlier to grab a little more sleep. It got me thinking about doing a post on sleep.

Sleep is SO important. Our bodies are designed to work and play and create and they are designed to rest. So much happens while we sleep. Our bodies heal, we grow, our brain does all sorts of wonderful reorganisation and refuelling ready for another day.

Sleep matters! Yes exercise, healthy foods and mental health practices all matter but so does sleep. When we don’t get enough or we are not sleeping well we feel it and we are not able to function on all cylinders. I hear all the other parents out there saying a big YES.

There are seasons where we just have to manage with what we can get - babies, sickness, study and deadline seasons at school or work. Seasons aside, sleep really does matter and making a priority of it matters to.

Can I encourage you this weekend to take some time to think about your sleep habits and patterns?

How are you sleeping?

Do you use a device right before trying to go to sleep?

The recommended guideline is turning off the devices at least an hour before bed.

Do you create space for the occasional nap, sleep-in or early night?

Sleep tight friends,

Talk soon


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