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The Mindful Inbox

I'm back! In choosing to take time setting my kids and family up well for the year it has meant getting back into blogging had to wait - but don't worry I have sticky notes everywhere with seed ideas for some great writings this year.

So, to start off the year I thought I would let you all in on a little activity I committed myself to for January and February....creating a mindful inbox. "What does that mean?" I hear you ask.

Simply put, each time I received emails for those first twos months of the year I took time to unsubscribe to anything I actually didn't need to be receiving. So many emails were being mindlessly deleted from my inbox daily without actually stopping to take 5 seconds to unsubscribe. I don't think I was a chronic subscriber but my goodness it has made a difference to the number of emails I receive. Pruning is such a wonderful gift - it brings health and space for new things.

Maybe its not emails but maybe there is some other area of life you feel at the start of this year you need to be more mindful off, attentive to, aware of.....what would that be for you? Maybe its mindful eating, maybe it's active listening, maybe it's being attentive to who you are with at the time and being more mindful of being present with them, maybe its considering your words...

Be encouraged friends, attentiveness and pruning bears fruit - be brave and go for it in whatever area you feel led to and watch the health that follows.

Talk soon,


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