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The World Needs You!

I am continually amazed by the uniqueness of people!

Our fingerprint, our laugh, our strengths, our ways of seeing the world, our mind, our dreams, our heart, our passions, our ability to make a difference, our creativity, our empathy, our drive, our vision, our passion, our ingenious. Aside from all our erks and quirks can i let you in on a little secret - we are amazing!

One of my greatest passions in mentoring is seeing the lights come on for people as they realise who they really are and feel released to function freely in their sense of individuality. You are a gift to the world!! Do you know that? At the risk of repeating myself - You are a gift to the world!! The world actually needs YOU with your unique wiring, your unique perspective and your unique contribution. The world needs you!

Be encouraged today - YOU were created on purpose for purpose!

One of the great challenges around individuality is the drive to fit in and be accepted. Often on this path our individuality can become dulled or even silenced altogether as we present a version of ourselves that we believe will be accepted or help us to fit in. The great tragedy in this is that while the version of ourselves we were designed to be is hiding away somewhere, there is a world out there longing for us to shine through.

Desperate for us to be who we were designed to be.

One of the most life giving and freeing things you can ever do is take time to discover who you are. Underneath what you do and how you operate, who you really are. And trust me the world will thank you for taking the time and learning to shine out of your own uniqueness and giftedness. You are AMAZING!!!!

This weeks questions:

Do you have an understanding of your strengths?

Do you have a sense of operating in alignment with those strengths?

Take some time today to jot down 3 ways you will use your uniqueness over the coming month to add value to those around you....feel free to comment below and share your 3 things!

As always, if todays blog post is something you would like to discuss further please get in touch.

Talk soon,

Kate xxx

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