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What is your Fire Plan?

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

As I sit on the verandah of our little holiday cabin near Forster (Mid North Coast, NSW), watching the smoke swirling in the sky a friend sent me a message with the NSW Rural Fire Service website link encouraging people to set up their Bushfire Survival Plan.  Pause....while I am on this topic how INCREDIBLE are our emergency services personnel!!! Their commitment to keeping us safe and protecting property is amazing. If you get the chance to say thank you or do something kind for a Firey (or any emergency service personnel for that matter) please do.  Anyway, back to this weeks content.... The thought of a fire survival plan had me pondering this question - how fireproof are our lives? When things get really hot, the fire hits, the pressure comes and the smoke is thick, what is in place to keep us safe and help us navigate the heat of the moment.  One of my favourite topics to talk about with people in mentoring sessions is how they handle stress and pressure and helping them establish a healthy plan for how this area of their life will outwork. The reality is fire will come in life and unlike the Bushfire Survival plan which we may or may not need I can guarantee you that the Plan you put in place to help you navigate stress and pressure will be actioned time and time again.  So as I close this week, some questions to consider... To what or whom do you run when you feel extreme pressure or stress?  Do you run to something that is helpful and healthy in navigating your survival or do you run to something or someone that helps momentarily but in the long run intensifies the heat? Write down one thing today that you will do that would add health to the way you navigate stress/pressure. Here are some examples: Have a safe person to confide in who helps you navigate the stress in a healthy way

Regular exercise to help physically process stress

Prayer, meditation, breathing  Healthy sleep routine 

Make a plan - what is a priority for now and what can wait for another day Is it time to speak to a professional?

Speaking with a counsellor or psychologist and getting some useful tools to help manage stress might be the best thing you ever do!

Gather others to help you get things done - nothing like a team to help ease the loadHave some fun!!

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