At GROW PEOPLE mentoring and consulting our focus is you!

Whether is it in a session with you one on one or whether we are working with you and your team we tailor our services to suit the individual needs of those we are working with. Facilitating in house professional development programs for teams and businesses and our very own workshops which are open to all!



Mentoring is an intentional, empowering and personal relationship. The mentor helps the mentee discover themselves personally and assists them in exploring how their mind, will and emotions affect how they journey everyday life. The mentor also empowers the mentee with tools and resources to learn and develop in order to be able to grow. The mentoring relationship is mentee focussed and led. Sessions are shaped around the mentees own communicated goals and key growth areas.

Mentoring sessions are available for individuals or couples.

Our mentors use a range of tools including:

  • The Unique Self Temperament Assessment

  • GALLUP Strength finders Assessment

  • Emotionally Healthy Leader Assessment


Having trained under Dr Ray Andrews (Clinical Psychologist) in the Unique Self Temperament Assessment and associated tools and teaching, Kate is often called upon to run small group training sessions regarding this topic. 

Kate is also able to provide small group training sessions on:

  • Working Together Effectively

  • Understanding Conflict Management 

  • Emotionally Healthy Leadership

  • Navigating Challenge and Change as a Team

  • Building Healthy Marriage by better Understanding Each Other 

Training sessions can be tailored to the needs of your group. We also have a number of professionals who we can access for your team, so if you have a specific training focus contact our team and we can work on a tailored option for you. 

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After years of working in the public and private health sector and not for profit, Kate has a passion to see people growing not only personally but professionally as well. With this in mind, we developed our Professional Development facilitation service. 

One of our team will come and meet with you as the business owner or team leader and discuss your unique Professional Development requirements and design a tailored program for you and your team. These programs include facilitation of ALL of the details so you as the business owner or team leader can focus on being with your team and doing what you do best!

Professional Development Programs include:

  • Custom designed program based on the needs of your team (usually 12 month program)

  • All your catering needs taken care of for during your training sessions

  • Certificates of attendance for your team


We provide Marriage preparation mentoring for couples who are on the journey to being married and want to equip themselves with valuable tools and insight into what makes a great marriage and how to better understand their partner. This mentoring is very practical and aims to provide the couple with the tools and skills they will need to navigate married life and set up their relationship to win!

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