Happy Clients


Libby Staines

I have got to know Kate over the last few years through the Abiding Life Training, she is highly skilled in this area and has been an enormous support and encouragement to me as I have been learning how to work with people using this tool. I have found Kate extremely patient as she has been teaching me, always kind and genuine, but with the strength of character to be assertive when required. More recently we have asked Kate to mentor some of our team, which they have found refreshing to have someone outside our organisation. She has been wonderful with speaking into where they're at personally and within church life as well as goal setting and being a place for them to work through their thoughts. I would highly recommend Kate as a mentor and coach and trust that she cares for people wherever they're up to in their journey.

Angela Mitchell

I appreciate the impact Kate from Grow People Mentoring and Consulting, is having on my work and personal life due to regular mentoring sessions. We identified personal strengths but also areas of improvement, which we have been working through. The accountability to a mentor has been an invaluable asset for me. I would recommend Grow People Mentoring and Consulting to anyone!

Jacob Shultz 

I have met regularly with Kate for almost three years, and it is still a time that I carve out of my schedule knowing that it will be life-giving, challenging and integral to my emotional and spiritual health. Kate has consistently created a space where I feel heard, valued and genuinely cared for. She has an abundance of knowledge and wisdom, alongside an ability and sensitivity to share what needs to be shared at the time.

Susan Fellowes

Having Grow People Mentoring and Consulting was invaluable for our leadership team. Not only was each team member encouraged and challenged in themselves, they also gained greater understanding in their relationships within the team, which brought opportunity for greater growth in the culture of our church.