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Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Since launching Grow People we have had many requests for and enquiries about our mentoring services. This topic is a huge passion of mine and something that I believe we all need in our lives.

There is one specific aspect of a mentoring relationship that I wanted to focus on this week - authenticity and vulnerability.

A mentoring relationship can only ever be as beneficial to the mentee as they allow based on their authenticity and vulnerability. Obviously, this takes some time as the mentee develops a sense of trust and safety with the mentor but ultimately the depth of the mentee's willingness to be honest will determine their overall growth.

A simple visual picture for this that I often use to the explain this concept to people, is playing with play dough. If you give me a small piece maybe only one colour - that's all I have to work with. But, if over time you give me more play dough and maybe even multiple colours and shades I have a whole lot more to work with as the mentor. Going below the surface and trusting a mentor with your honesty and vulnerability actual helps you both to create something more beautiful in the long run.

Vulnerability brings depth of understanding, is a brave step towards healing and growth and deepens relationships. If you would like to read more on this topic, can I encourage you to take a look at Brene Brown's book "The Power of Vulnerability". She also has a great TED Talk on the same topic - check it out

We are meant to do life together - we are designed for community! Ultimately, the health of our relationships and our own personal growth will be determined by our ability and our courage to go deep.

Questions for this week:

How authentic am I in my relationships?

If I am engaged in a mentoring relationship how authentic am I with my mentor?

Am I prepared to be more vulnerable and take a risk and share something that is more than skin deep with someone I trust this week?

Have a great week!

Talk soon,


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